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The Benefits of Leasing a High-quality Bull from a Cow Breeding Farm

As a rancher, you want to produce the highest quality livestock possible. You count on each season’s calves to grow into livestock that will net you a handsome profit when you send them to market.

However, keeping a bull can be a costly endeavor for which you have little time, money or space. You can breed a high-quality line of calves each season by leasing a bull from a reputable cow breeding farm.

Proven Genetic Material

Leasing a bull from a high-quality cow breeding farm can give you access to proven genetic material that you need for next year’s calves. You avoid wondering whether or not the bull that you buy at auction can actually sire calves that will be worth the money and time that you put into them. You do not have to spend hours haggling for a bull to buy at auction.

The farm can provide the genetic material to you with which to inseminate your cows. You can have next year’s calves ready to be born before the start of calving season.

Sparing Expenses

Leasing a bull can be a cost-effective alternative to raising and keeping one on your ranch. You pay a one-time fee for the genetic material. You avoid having to pay for the bull’s upkeep and health.

You can find out more about leasing a bull from a cow breeding farm online. This alternative can result in calves that you can raise and eventually take to market for a profit during next year.

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