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Take Your Industrial Shrink Wrap & Pallet Shipping Game to the Next Level

Orbital technology is the new innovation that’s revolutionizing the shrink wrap game. Orbital shrink wrapping is fast, cost-effective and safe. It also encases large and oddly stacked pallets in a tight, durable web of shrink wrap that reduces labor and use of materials as well as potential freight damage claims. Here’s how it works.

Traditional VS. Orbital Shrink Wrapping

Traditional shrink wrapping occurs by machine or hand. It usually entails wrapping product-to-product along the perimeter of the stacked pallet. The person or machine doing the wrapping takes special care to overlap the lateral layers, creating a seal that hopefully keeps the stacked, boxed products anchored to each other and to the pallet.

With orbital technology, the pallet wrapping machine deploys shrink wrap around a horizontal axis, traveling beneath the entire pallet, up the sides and over the top, like wrapping your wrist in a bandage where your wrist is the pallet. The wrapping cylinder boasts a spool of stretch wrap on a dispenser that moves. With the pallet held inside the cylinder on a fork lift, the orbital machine moves quickly and smoothly, encasing the entire pallet in shrink wrap in under one minute.

The Pros of Orbital Shrink Wrap Machines

Advanced orbital pallet wrapping machines boast ergonomic design for safety and ease of operation. A series of emergency stops on a corded control and on the machine let operators cease at any time to avoid mishaps. A limit switch on the access door cuts power automatically when the door is opened. Thanks to the same side access door, changing stretch wrap rolls is safe, simple and quick.

Pallet wrapping machines only require one employee to operate and typically package an entire load in half the time, lowering labor costs by thousands of dollars annually.

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