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How Centella Extract Manufacturers Help Combat Anxiety

Centella Asiatica extract is commonly used in supplements to help with a range of health problems. Centella extract manufacturers typically create an extract from the plant in powdered form, for use in these supplements.

While the extract is used for many medical conditions, it is thought to have a beneficial effect in those suffering from anxiety. Limited research has indicated some sufferers of generalised anxiety disorder noted significant improvements in their condition over a two-month period. So, how are manufacturers supporting the drive to combat anxiety?

Centella Extract Manufacturers Create the Best Possible Extract

By using professional techniques and a selection of solvents, the useful parts of the plant are extracted into powdered form. This is ideal for use in supplements to take each day by those wanting to benefit from the plant.

Anxiety Disorders May Reduce When Taking the Extract

Research suggests that daily supplements containing Gotu Kola, the alternative name for Centella Asiatica, can help reduce the feelings of anxiety many people go through on a regular basis. The same research also noted lower levels of stress and depression.

Gotu Kola Improves Levels of Positive Neurotransmitters

Most people have heard of serotonin, known as a feel-good chemical. By creating an extract of the highest quality, Centella extract manufacturers can provide individuals with a strong source of the plant. This is thought to increase the positive chemicals in the brain that are associated with feeling good. It may also explain why those with anxiety feel better when consistently taking the extract at the recommended daily dosage.

With further indication that the plant extract reduces inflammation in the brain, it seems the best manufacturers have a crucial role to play in mental health. Perhaps future research may confirm yet more positive associations with reduced anxiety and panic attacks.

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