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Step Back In Time With Northern Virginia Vineyards

The development of new territories for the production of wine has seen different areas of the world become increasingly respected for their characteristics and impressive nature. In Northern Virginia, the growth of the wine industry has been based around the rolling hills and mineral-rich soils that offer the perfect conditions for grape growth. Northern Virginia vineyards have a long history of producing the best wines available from the East Coast of the nation.

Dramatic views just minutes from Washington D.C.

Some of the most respected wine countries in the U.S. can be quite difficult to reach for those living on the East Coast or traveling from Europe. The dramatic rolling hills of Tennessee are just one aspect of the stunning views and history that are on offer in a region known for producing excellent wines. The Northern Virginia vineyards are located less than an hour from the capital of Washington D.C. and the sites of the nation’s capital. The history of the region is highlighted by historic sites such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon that acts as a link between the history of the capital and the new world of wine production technology and tourism.

Wine tourism is not just for the older generation

The history of wine tourism takes in many different areas of the world is based around the knowledge of wine but in areas of development, the wine tourism sector is growing among all groups. From groups of friends to couples and those who are true wine connoisseurs there are many reasons why the people of the world are looking to travel to Northern Virginia vineyards and wine country.

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