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Four Easy Ways to Protect Your Home From a Mouse Infestation

If you see one, it’s already too late; you have an infestation. Mice never travel alone. They like to infest together. However, you can help make sure you never have a mouse infestation in NYC by following the tips listed below.

Call in a Professional

Possibly the best weapon against a mouse infestation is the eye of a professional. A pest control veteran can perform an evaluation of your home and, in the process, identify all of the weak points, i.e., possible points of entry for mice. A professional can also advise you on how to keep your specific house or apartment mouse- and rodent-free.

Food Control

Mice have a powerful sense of smell. Their world is guided more by odors than it is by their other senses. In other words, they can smell your food. They can also smell kitchen stains, garbage, and crumbs. A clean and tidy kitchen is a strong defense against a mouse infestation. If your food is always packed up tightly, and your floors and countertops are clean, then your place won’t seem as attractive to rodents.

Tight Seals

Did you know that mice can squeeze through holes that are the size of a number 2 pencil? They can also fit under doors that aren’t sealed properly. They do so by flattening their rib cages. Look carefully around your home and locate any possible weak spots. Then, seal them up.

General Tidiness

Clutter around the outside of your house and in your garage makes the perfect staging ground for a mouse infestation. The mess gives mice the chance to hide out and plan their entrance into your home. Once you clear out the clutter, there’s nowhere for the mice to hide.

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