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How the Right Shrink Wrapping Machine Makes Load Protection Easy

The more you can automate your shipping preparations, the less you pay in labor to get it all done. Products and items placed on pallets for transport need to be secured to limit movement and damage. Investing in the right automated shrink wrap machine is a sure way to secure your pallets and merchandise in a way that guarantees it will reach the intended destination safely.

Fully Secure Products to Pallets

Damage claims have a way of eating into the profits of any business, especially when it happens consistently. The loss of products from leaning merchandise, pallet dumps, and a lack of secure attachment to the pallet is all possible by using low-quality wrapping materials and techniques. Choosing a shrink-wrapping machine that is designed to securely fasten your products to the pallet secures the load and makes it harder to lose items during the transport from one location to another. Everything will reach the destination in good shape.

Perfect for Odd and Over-Size Loads

Not all loaded pallets are squared-off and even. Some are overloaded with merchandise or contain odd-shaped objects. You can now shrink wrap the odd and over-size loads with ease. Simply place the loaded pallet within the machine and it provides secure automated shrink wrapping. Maximize your shipping dollar with each load.

Operator-Friendly Technology

Having the perfect automated shrink wrap machine doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to operate. You can enjoy one of the best methods of securing your loads by using automated equipment that nearly any employee can use with ease. Reduce your labor and training cost, while guaranteeing a drop-in damage claim.

Get a more streamlined way of wrapping your loads that holds it in place, no matter how far the journey. Protect your products and profit from unintended damage and loss from the transport process.

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