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Tips for Utilizing Valet Services That Are Offered at an Airport

When you go to an airport to try to make it to your flight on time, you might not be able to worry about parking your car. Fortunately, most airports offer some type of valet parking. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Jacksonville valet airport parking so you always know where your car is located and so the safety of your car is maintained.

Clean Car

Make sure there’s nothing valuable inside your car. This will decrease the temptation that someone could possibly take something from inside. Try to clean the inside of your car as well, so it’s not too messy for the person who will park your car at the airport.


You want to have a little cash with you so you can offer a tip to the valet service. The tip doesn’t have to be a large amount. Think of how much you would give to a restaurant when you go out to eat. If you don’t feel comfortable giving a Jacksonville valet airport parking attendant cash, then find out if a debit or credit card is accepted before you spend time checking your vehicle and getting it prepared to park.

Follow the Line

There will usually be a line of people to get valet service. There will probably be several drivers available in order to get as many cars parked in a short time, so the line doesn’t get too long. Follow the directions given, as a few drivers will usually be shown where to park and the valet service can get inside the car and get it to the lot. Get everything you need out of your car before your flight, as you might not even know where your car is parked until you’re ready to pick it up when your flight lands.

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