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Preparing Your Pork so That It’s Full of Flavor and Tender to Cut

Pork is a meal option that is rich in protein. To maximize its flavors, pork can be prepared in numerous ways. Whether letting it simmer in a crockpot or baking it in an oven, you can add just about any ingredient to your pork that you want so that it has the flavors your family desires. Aim for a meal that is juicy, tender and enjoyable. As easy as it is to prepare this kind of meat, though, there are a few mistakes that you want to avoid.


When you’re cooking pork steak in Saint Louis, avoid taking it directly from the freezer and putting it in a pan or another vessel for cooking. The outside and inside of the meat won’t get done at the same time and will likely result in your meat becoming difficult to cut and chew. Thaw your meat for about an hour before it’s prepared so that it can cook evenly.


Although cooking boneless pork steak in Saint Louis can sometimes cut down on your cooking time, you’re going to lose some of the flavors that the bone provides. There is also a bit of protection offered from the bone from overcooking your meat since the bone tends to act as a prop off of the surface you’re cooking on, whether it’s a pan on the stove or a grill.

Season Your Meat

Even though pork is full of natural flavor, you still want to make sure your meat is seasoned while it’s cooking. BBQ is a good flavor to add as well as pepper and paprika. Salt brings out the natural flavors in pork. Lemon and rosemary pair well together to create a delicious pork steak meal, especially if you plan to bake your meat in the oven instead of frying it in a pan.

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