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The Importance of Plastics in Modern Medicine

Plastics play an important role in pharmaceutical packaging and drug safety. If you have ever been to a hospital or received medical care in a modern facility, you have been touched by today’s many medical-grade plastic products. You may not realize it, but in many ways, our own lives and those of our loved ones are guarded and saved regularly by plastics in medicine.

How Plastics are Used in the Medical Setting

Just how important is plastic to today’s medicine? Just look at a few of these common applications – most of which would be impossible or very difficult and much more dangerous without the use of modern plastics:

  • Lidded containers for bodily fluid samples
  • Syringes and storage bags
  • Vials for blood and other fluids
  • Squeezable bottles, such as for use in ear and eye drops
  • Medicine containers and bottles
  • Inhaler packaging and cartridge casing
  • Tubing used in sterile scenarios, including those introduced into the body
  • Bags and pouches used both internally and externally, and much more
  • Without the use of plastics, many of our loved ones might not be here today – and modern medicine as we know it would likely collapse.

How Plastics Deliver Safe Medicine to Consumers
Just as plastics are important to doctors, nurses, and caregivers, so too are they important to consumers who want to take medicine or supplements and know that they are using a safe product.

Plastic products are used to deliver medication home to consumers, to create blister packs to protect medications and supplements, and to create liners and bags to separate types of medication, powders, and more, to keep these products fresh, safe, and potent until their time of use. It’s just one more way that plastics are saving and improving lives.

If you are looking to package medical-grade products or would simply like more information on the kind of packaging that is used in these applications, speak with a reputable plastics retailer today.

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