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How to Use Lighting to Add Flair to Your Wedding Decor

A sizeable percentage of people devote years to planning out their wedding. If you’re due to be married soon, you’re likely in a similar boat with your own preparations. You’ve already booked a venue, found a good florist and picked out your ensemble, but what about the lighting? Believe it or not, the lighting is one of the most important aspects of decorating wedding in Dallas, TX. Whether your wedding will be outdoors or inside, here are some ideas worth considering for your nuptial decor.

String Light Canopy

If your wedding reception takes place within a tent or a venue with clear glass roofing, you can easily touch up the space with the help of rows upon rows of string lights. This helps create a gorgeous effect meant to emulate a star-filled sky and is perfect for evening and night-time receptions. Be sure to hang them from one end of the ceiling to the other to maximize the effect.

Alternatively, you don’t need any sort of roof for this effect to work beautifully. You can also suspend your string lights between rows of trees to achieve the same look and feel.

Suspended Lighting

Suspended bulbs or even chandeliers can add a wonderfully appealing touch to any wedding theme. They also work extraordinarily well regardless of whether your wedding will take place outside or indoors. You can easily suspend your lighting from the branches of trees or from the ceiling of your venue. This method of decorating a wedding in Dallas, TX, has become popular due to its elegant vibe.

Ravel Things Up

String lights can be used in another way beyond what was described above. You can also wind them around the trunk and branches of trees, beams or poles to add a touch of magical flair to your wedding decorations.

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