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Why Do Fishermen in New York Choose Polarized Sunglasses While Fishing?

Have you wondered why your dad and his friends have the same fishing sunglasses? Yes – those polarized sunglasses they love using, such as Costa Fisch sunglasses. Here are three reasons why they favor polarized sunglasses so much.

They Block Glare

Unlike other sunglasses, polarized sunglasses block the glare reflected off the surface of the water. That glare can hinder a fisherman’s focus when casting their bait, something that a polarized lens fixes.

Polarized sunglasses also reduce eye strain caused by the sun. With a better view of the water and the direction ahead, anglers can better guide their boat and their rods.

They Protect the Eyes from UV Rays

Polarized lenses block UV rays from reaching the eyes. This is one of the advantages of wearing polarized sunglasses, especially at high noon. With polarized sunglasses, such as Costa Fisch sunglasses, you can see more clearly, which is good when aiming your cast.

They Can Be Used on Both Water and Land

Unlike other sunglasses that can get easily damaged when exposed to water, polarized sunglasses survive wear and tear whether they stay dry or wet. Even with saltwater, original polarized sunglasses don’t get damaged easily. With cheap polarized sunglasses, you can notice how the film peels off the sunglasses after being exposed to saltwater.

Choosing the Right Color of Polarized Sunglasses

Are you wondering why your dad’s sunglasses have different colors? Each lens has its use. For best visibility in shallow waters, wear sunglasses with amber or copper-tinted lenses. For low-light conditions, you can go with vermillion or yellow-tinted polarized sunglasses. If the glare is intense, you should wear sunglasses with gray lenses.

Lastly, for added UV ray protection of your eyes, go for a lens with exterior coatings.

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