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Three Ways to Differentiate Your Trade Show Exhibit Booth Space

Trade shows are extraordinary spectacles to attend. They are larger than life, colorful and packed with all kinds of people. This is no surprise, since trade shows have become one of the crucial methods for a company to make its mark in the public market. With so many ways to dress your booth, here are some ways to differentiate your space from others.

Color Schemes Do Not Have to Be Monochromatic

School colors are often pairs that complement one another. Likewise, religious and personal ceremonies use colors that work together in pleasing ways. Too often, a 20×20 trade show booth will be monochromatic, intending to draw the human eye in with that single color. This does not need to be the case. Using multiple striking colors in the design can make your brand pop in comparison to your neighbors. Do not restrict yourself to one or two. Try three colors. Rainbows are in, after all. The
best booth designs take full advantage of the world we live in and the things we like to see.

Patterns and Textures Are Your Friend

In addition to color choices, you can experiment with textures as well. Wood grains and paneling are two exciting ways to present a striking trade show booth. A 20×20 trade show booth is a fantastic workspace, and in order to separate it from neighboring company displays, you can create walls from various materials and allow the natural beauty to shine.

Use All Three Dimensions

Many exhibit designs use the floor space to great effect. Some booths add a level above the floor for deals and meals. However, many of the truly memorable booths take to the air. Globes, banners and marquees can catch the eye and capture the attention. Such accessories might be expensive, but when used to good effect they are worth every penny.

The goal with a trade show is to present your brand and set it apart from competitors. This extends to the exhibit booths themselves. Whether your exhibit is confined in a 10×10 space or given a bit of breathing room in a 20×20 trade show booth, you must make every inch count.

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