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Drilling Fluid: What to Know Before You Buy

Drilling fluid, also referred to as drilling mud, makes it easier to drill boreholes. It has three main categories: water-based fluid, non-aqueous fluid, and gaseous drilling fluid. For various drilling formations, polymer and clay drilling fluid additives are usually added to ensure the right outcomes.

Know your options

There is a wide range of additives that you can use, with the right one improving your mud or drilling fluid system. Figure out the tasks that need to be performed and pick additives that will make them possible. Special additives, for instance, ensure that the rock formation won’t absorb the fluid in the well, which keeps the pores of the rock formation from getting clogged.

Educate yourself

If you are using drilling fluid additives for the first time, a good understanding of what the drilling fluids do will help you make better buying choices. Drilling fluids work like a suspension tool, keeping the cuttings from filling up the hole again when you drill. That tells you why checking the viscosity level of the fluid matters.

Choose quality additives

Don’t compromise your equipment’s performance with poor-quality options. Find additives that make a difference in your drilling operations. Shop from distributors that offer premium-quality choices. That way, you won’t need to worry about getting options that will only hamper your operations.

Look for reviews

It won’t hurt to check out reviews from other customers. Feedback from other buyers will help you find other possible options that may work as well or even better for your applications. Some reviews also warn you against bad products or distributors. That saves you the trouble checking them out.


Pay attention to how many days the company will process the returns. Some have a lot more leeway, allowing returns within the first 30 days after you get the items. Some aren’t as accommodating, so read the guidelines before you order.

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