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Reasons Why Window Tinting Could Make Your Home More Comfortable

A friend recently invested in residential window tinting. That makes you wonder if this is something you should do for your home. There are several benefits associated with this type of home improvement project. Here are some examples of what the right type of window tint in Jacksonville, FL, could do for your house.

Controlling Heat Transference

During the summer, you tend not to stand too close to the windows. That’s because the temperature is hotter in front of the windows than in other areas of the house. Did you know that the right type of tinting film will change that? The film reduces heat transference and makes it a lot easier to feel comfortable as you curl up in a chair by the window and enjoy your morning coffee.

Reducing Glare

Do you avoid sitting in your favorite chair because of the glare that comes in at certain times of the day? You should be able to use that chair any time you like. A professional can help you choose a window tint in Jacksonville, FL, that gets rid of the glare without blocking the view. Once it’s installed, sit in your chair any time of the day.

Helping to Lower Your Monthly Energy Bill

The film used for window tinting does have some insulating properties. That’s good news, since it means you have more control over the temperature and humidity level throughout the house. If your home already has good insulation, adding the film could shave a few dollars off your power bill each month.

Would a window tint in Jacksonville, FL, make your home more comfortable? Talk with the team at Advanced Window Tinting and find out. Call us today or visit to set up an appointment. We’ll help you choose the right type of tinting option and make sure you’re happy with the results.

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