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Meeting the Challenging Requirements of X-Ray Fluorescence Tubes

Micro x-ray systems are an important part of developing products, producing accurate medical images, conducting vital analyses that ensure quality, and more. A key part of these systems is the x-ray tube. Constructed of several small focal points that feature high-temperature resistance, they provide accuracy in the production of images and measurements. These tubes are also vital when x-ray fluorescence XRF techniques capture important information.

X-Ray Fluorescence XRF

X-ray fluorescence is an emission of secondary x-rays from a material that receives a direct flow of gamma rays or x-rays. This secondary phenomenon is closely measured as a part of chemical or elemental analysis. Glass, metal, biological tissues, and a host of other materials are studied in this manner for non-destructive research and industrial purposes. X-ray tubes play an important part in gathering material signatures using x-ray fluorescence.

Critical Requirements of XRF Tubes

XRF tubes transfer large amounts of x-ray and gamma-ray energy, and they require a great amount of stability and durability. It is not uncommon for quality tubes to have a life expectancy of at least four years and endure up to 30,000 hours of use.

There are several factors that cause lower quality tubes to fail much earlier than expected. All tubes must have proper cooling systems to endure high temperatures. Otherwise, expansion and contraction of the tube’s materials will weaken the structural integrity of the part. This will cause destabilization, inaccurate measurements, or even catastrophic failure that may endanger operators. Varied power levels will also challenge the effectiveness of tube filaments over time. This stresses the filament in different ways, causing lower-quality filaments to lose performance.

It is important that XRF tubes have the best quality design and parts that can withstand extremes while delivering precision. An excellent XRF tube manufacturer will have a strong reputation for durability, reliability, and precision. Micro X-Ray Inc. designs and manufactures a host of high-quality x-ray tubes and related products that meet the stringent expectations of clients everywhere.

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