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Advantages of Going to a Contemporary Church

Most people attended denominational or more traditional churches in the 50s, 60s and 70s, whether they were Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian or some other Christian or Jewish religion. While the traditional churches still outnumber the more contemporary ones, more people are switching to the latter. That in mind, here of some advantages of going to a contemporary church.

Less Negative Reputation
Throughout the ages, there’s been an almost common belief to of most traditional churches. Catholics, for example, have long-believed their teachings and worship methods best represent what God expects, while other denominations have felt the same about their tenets. Contemporary churches in Jacksonville tend to eliminate these negative stigmas by accepting people of all faiths. This is more related with the general trend of today’s society.

Same Message is Preached
Pastors in contemporary churches still preach the same message as traditional churches — that God the Father created the world and sent God the Son to Earth to atone for man’s sins. It’s just the atmosphere in contemporary churches tends to be more relaxed and upbeat.

More New-Testament-Focused
Like non-denominational churches, today’s contemporary churches in Jacksonville are more focused on the New Testament, which is more about Salvation through Jesus Christ. The history of the Old Testament is fascinating, but the New Testament teachings are more relevant to the modern era.

More Upbeat Music
People have long-enjoyed singing in church. The songs in contemporary churches in Jacksonville are more rock or- pop-oriented, which people can relate to better. It’s not unusual to see everyone in a contemporary church clapping and dancing to the music.

More Accepting of People
People who attend contemporary churches in Jacksonville tend to accept people more, no matter what their creed, race, or lifestyle.

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