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Strategies to Keep in Mind When Placing Fire Alarms in Your Building

As the owner of a commercial building, you are legally responsible for its safety and integrity. Federal and state laws require you to invest in certain safety equipment to protect not only the premises but also the people in it.

Before you install fire alarms in Franklin Park, IL, building owners like you are encouraged to think about where you would like to place them. By using these strategies, you can avoid mishaps like false and faulty alarms that could put the lives of the building occupants at risk.

Keep Away from Entries and Windows

When you install fire alarms in Franklin Park, IL, business owners like you want them to go off reliably and quickly. With that, you need to keep them away from entry points and windows of your building where breezes and wind can skew the alarms’ readings.

You want the alarms to go off at the first sign of smoke or fire. However, if a breeze passes by their sensors, the alarms could fail to detect a fire until it has spread. Rather than place them near a window or door, you should install them further in the building.

Avoid Cooking Appliances

You also want the alarms to avoid going off anytime someone in the building uses a stove or microwave. Today’s fire alarms are highly sensitive and can pick up on trace amounts of smoke and fire. If they are placed directly over a stove or microwave, they could go off anytime someone uses these appliances.

If you are not sure of where to place them in your building, you can consult with people who are trained and experienced in fire alarm installation. They can survey your building to find out where to put these alarms.

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