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3 Tips to Keep Your Fort Collins, CO, Livestock Safe from Predators

As part of the livestock industry, you are familiar with the importance of livestock risk management. In addition to this tool, you also want to protect your animals from predators.

Whether you keep sheep, cows, poultry or goats, you know the drive that predators have. They want to make a meal out of your animals. Unless you do what you can to protect them, the predators will prevail.

Here are a few effective ways to defend your livestock and keep them safe.

Build Strong Fences Around Your Property

One way to protect your livestock is to build a strong fence that keeps your animals in and the unwelcomed ones out. There are various designs from which to choose. Although predator-proof fences help, keep in mind that building a fence can get expensive if you have a large area.

Keep Your Livestock in a Shelter

Another obvious livestock risk management protection option is to keep them in a shelter. Like fences, there are plenty of good designs for different types of livestock. Not only can you keep your livestock safe from other animals, but a shelter also protects them from the elements.

First, base your selection on the type of predator. For instance, make a contained floor to ensure that burrowing animals are unable to dig under walls.

Use Guardian Animals for Protection

Mules, ponies, donkeys and guard dogs can be used as guardian animals to fight off predators. With coyotes trying to attack your livestock, donkeys and llamas are good for protection. If you are dealing with large predators such as wolves, you may need many dogs.

While you consider the most effective way to keep your animals safe, Compass AG Solutions of Fort Collins, CO, wants to help shore up your business. We specialize in livestock risk management methods to match the right approach with your needs. Visit our website at Compass Ag Solutions to learn more about the options available to you.

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