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Securing Pallets After Being Wrapped

If you have several pallets to wrap, then you’ll usually benefit from using a wrapping machine. When you’re using a pallet wrapping machine, there are some tips for optimizing its use so that you get the maximum benefit and so that you get more items wrapped than just a few pallets each day.

Make sure the rollers are as clean as possible. This will make it easier for the wrapping material to come off and go around the pallet. There is usually a de facto percentage that’s set on the machine, but this percentage tends to change once the pallets are wrapped. Look at the pallets that have been wrapped to adjust the percentage for the new distance that it should be before using the machine again.

The film that is used for wrapping pallets should be threaded correctly. If it doesn’t go through the machine like it’s supposed to, then it can be difficult to ensure that the wrapping gets around the pallets evenly and without bulges. Monitor how the material on the pallet wrapping machine goes around each bundle. You don’t want to see more than a 50 percent overlap. However, you shouldn’t see an overlap that’s much less because it can make the pallet unstable when it’s being moved or shipped.

After each pallet is wrapped, you need to check the strength of the wrapping material. If it seems like it’s too weak, then consider using a different material instead of what’s available. Consider pulling the wrapping at the top of the pallets that have been wrapped to ensure that it’s secure. If it feels loose, then consider wrapping it again. You also need to check the weight of each pallet as you don’t want the wrapping to add too much weight that would result in the pallet falling over.

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