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Here Are Three Factors You Should Consider When Picking Out Surfing Rods

Buying a surf rod is now challenging with so many options available in the market today. If you are after your money’s worth, then you want the best surf rod out there, such as the Tsunami surf rods. However, to choose the best surf rod that fits your preference, you should consider these three things.

The Fish You Plan to Catch

You have to decide whether you want to catch small fish or big ones. You cannot use the same rod for pompano or adult sharks. If your target fish are redfish or flounder, you need a small surf rod. If you have a small surf rod, you will stick with just small fish.

Aside from the size of the surf rod, you also have to consider the length. Since you are casting to where the waves are crashing, you should have a longer rod. You need to throw your cast out of the surf to catch a fish. If tourists are walking in the area, they can also walk under your rod easily when you use a longer rod. Your hobby won’t disturb the people who are trying to enjoy the waves and the beach.

Quality of Materials

When it comes to surf rods, you can choose between a graphite or fiberglass rod. The difference lies in weight and strength. Graphite is lighter but less durable while fiberglass is heavier but can stand the crashing waves. A rod made of graphite is more expensive though because of its powerful hooksets. There are new surf rods that are made of carbon fiber. Graphite surfing rods are also called carbon fiber rods, and one example of a graphite spinning rod is Tsunami surf rods.

The good thing about surfing rods is that they are easy to find and are mostly available online. If you are planning to try surfcasting in the future, consider these factors when choosing which rod to use.

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