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Building the Right Bathroom for Your Family and the Resell Value

Building A House

When you’re building a house for yourself, you might think about skipping out on some of the amenities such as making many of the rooms without windows. However, you should take into consideration the future resell value of the house, as this would decrease the house’s value. Make sure that you add in these amenities when you build a house.

Shower Doors

As you’re building your bathrooms, you’ll have to decide on what you are going to do with regards to a bathtub or shower. While you can get a bathtub that’s combined with a shower, this can look tacky and outdated for many modern houses. Going with a standalone shower with modern-looking shower doors is a great way to bring in buyers of the house when you’re looking to sell it eventually. Look into each kind of shower door that you can purchase such as a frameless door or one that is made of sliding glass as some are better for different audiences. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be better off than someone who goes for a cheaper shower setup.


Getting ready for the day means that you’re going to have to brush your hair and do your makeup. Doing this without having mirrors in the bathrooms is difficult and would deter many potential customers away in the event that the house goes on sale. To go ahead with mirrors, make sure that you have multiple in each bathroom, so everyone has the chance of getting ready while not having to wait in a line. Additionally, think about adding full-body mirrors as people might want to check out their whole outfit instead of just looking at their face. Whether you’re making a minimum purchase of mirrors or going all-out, make sure that you look for mirrors in Chicago when building your house.

Lakeview Glass

Once you’ve got a good idea for what you want to do in terms of shower doors and mirrors, you need to find a place that offers them.

Lakeview Glass is a company that does mirrors in Chicago, along with shower doors and other pieces of glass that can be installed in your home. They will do everything for you from measure the openings in your house to getting the pieces installed. Consider calling Lakeview Glass when you need a company that will do everything for you.

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