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Supplies for Popping Sweet Treats That Can Be Served at Special Events

It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare large batches of popcorn. If you’re serving the treat at a special event or for several family members and friends, there are a few popcorn machine supplies that you want to have on hand to make the cooking process a little easier. The first thing that you need to decide on is the size of the machine that you need to use as there are small poppers that make a few cups and large machines that can make enough popcorn to fill several bags.

What to Pop?

You might think that the only thing you can pop is a traditional kernel. While this is the most popular item to put in your machine, there are flavored kernels that you can purchase as well. Some of the flavors that are available include sea salt, caramel, and cheese. If you’re preparing for a special event, then consider purchasing wholesale popcorn machine supplies so that you have plenty of kernels on hand for when they are needed. When you’re getting supplies, you need to purchase oil, butter, and scoops for getting the popcorn from the machine.


Once you’ve popped the kernels, you need somewhere to put the popcorn until it’s given to someone to enjoy. Boxes with a red and white design are fun to use for any event and can be used at home as well. They are sturdy and are sometimes made of plastic, which means that you can easily wash them and reuse them another time. You could also get bags for larger amounts of popcorn. Cardboard boxes are an option to consider as well. Some of these boxes have dividers in them where you can put a drink, candy, or other items. This is a convenient option for festivals as some people might want to get other items while they are walking around instead of only getting popcorn.

Popcorn machine supplies can help you get your event started off on the right foot by delivering delicious popcorn your guests can enjoy.

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