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Penn Battalion Surf Rod Gives Endurance and Class to an Angler’s Rod

The PENN Battalion Surf rod gives durability, no matter the weather. The Battalion is maintained by composite blanks, Fuji aluminum oxide guides, and a Fuji reel seat that provide a secure grip. It’s even equipped with a tough and tacky rubber shrink tube that ensures there are no slips when fishing. This surfing rod is an excellent match with a Spinfisher or Battle spinning reel to help pull in those big catches.

The composite blanks found on the PENN Battalion Surf rod are desirable for bigger catches because their strengthened material withstand weight. A necessity when pulling in a 20-pound fish. They also provide a quicker reaction when you get a bite. The lack of flexibility from the material helps the rod to snap into action quicker than a fiberglass rod. The aluminum oxide guides maintain reliability with a sleek finish that won’t snag your line.

The Fuji reel seat increases effectiveness as well gives the fisherman a comfortable hold. They are ideally shaped to your hands, so placement is almost automatic. The reel seat material is lightweight so your rod will not be dragged down. It’s even easy to replace the reel seat as it has removable capabilities that others do not. They are the preferred reel seat because they were built to last as long as they could.

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