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Ways to Cut Down on How Much Waste Your Business Pumps Out

Humans are responsible for accelerating the change of the Earth’s climate, according to more than 99% of the world’s leading academic researchers. This will likely cause future generations that follow us to not experience planet Earth as we know it today. Unless we change our wasteful, environmentally unfriendly behaviors, we’re likely not going to reverse the rapid, objectively-bad rate of change in things like ocean temperature, sea oxygen isotope concentrations, and loss of landmass to rising sea levels. One way you can dumb down your footprint on the environment is to follow waste reduction strategies, techniques, and tools, just like the ones that follow, for example.

Compost Organic Waste and Either Use or Sell It For the record, “organic,” in this context, means pretty much anything with carbon in it that once lived, such as scraps from animal processing or food waste from workers’ meals. Ask all employees to set aside their food and other organic wastes and make it easy for them to recycle these items. From there, get expert help in learning how to properly compost organic material. You can either use this compost in your line of business or outside your property to beef up your facility’s landscaping.

Reward Employees for Not Wasting Scraps Don’t force workers to take home their garbage to throw away, for example, in fear of retaliation for throwing away too much at work. One of the best waste management solutions is to combine gamification with the reduction of waste. Don’t skimp on whatever rewards you plan to give your employees. Turn to Pull Printing Market research shows that modern businesses waste up to anywhere from one-quarter to one-third of the items that workers print. Implementing pull printing, a type of printing system that requires employees to press buttons or swipe identification cards directly at their workplaces’ printers, is more solid than most waste management solutions as basic as the three mentioned here.

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