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Eyelash Extensions: What Type of Curl Is the Right Fit for Your Eyes?

If you’re a makeup veteran, chances are you have experienced the annoyance of having to remove mascara. It’s likely you’ve had times where you just didn’t get it all off. It’s easy to be too rough with removal which can cause damage to your eyelashes. Even worse, it can cause some eyelashes to fall out. This is one reason that eyelash extensions have become more popular.

There are different types of eyelash extensions. The two main types are strip eyelashes and individual eyelash extensions. Among these, there are several styles to choose from. Individual eyelash extensions are becoming more popular because they require minimal daily maintenance and can be worn for weeks at a time. These lashes come in different lengths, thicknesses, and curl patterns. The most important aspect when choosing a lash style is to identify which curl type best suits you. One of the most common curl types is the D curl.

D curl lashes have a half-circle, or D-shaped, curl pattern.They are best suited for people who have naturally curly eyelashes. For people with downturned eyes, these lashes create a lifting effect. D curl lashes give a more dramatic look than the other more subtle looking lash types. Best for more prominent eye shapes, these lashes are the most visible and obvious. The deep, intense curl pattern creates extreme volume for a doll-like look. These lashes will appear shorter than other curl types of the same length, due to the intensity of the curl.

Although D curl lashes are a very common and popular style, they’re not best for everyone. A more natural-looking style, like a C curl pattern, would be a better fit for someone with hooded eyes or deep-set eyes. If you have straight eyelashes or eyelashes that grow downward, then a C curl may be a better fit for you.

If you’re unsure about the style of eyelashes you want, seek advice from an experienced eyelash stylist.

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