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Discover How Renting a Trade Show Exhibit Can be Better Than Buying

If you are on the fence when it comes to either renting or buying your trade show exhibit, consider the following. You just might discover that renting is a better option for you and your team. It can allow you to experiment with different ideas, save space, and take advantage of some really effective add-on items.


If you purchase your exhibit, you are stuck with that one design until you feel you have gotten your money’s worth out of it. The trade show exhibit rentals in NYC that are available can give you the freedom to experiment. If you try a certain size or design style and it doesn’t seem to work for you and your team, you can simply tweak the layout before it again.

Save Space

Once you purchase your trade show exhibit, it is yours to keep. This means you need a place to store it between shows. Not all businesses have this kind of additional room. That means the added expense of renting storage space. By renting the exhibit, you are able to return everything to the company and let them handle the storage issues.


When you rent a trade show exhibit, you are not simply getting a booth. Rental companies have many add-on features that you can take advantage of. This includes items like counters, banner stands, kiosks, shelving, racks for literature, tables, and workstations. These add-ons are perfect for promoting a new item as you can change them in the future to highlight other newly featured products.

When you consider all of the advantages, the trade show exhibit rentals in NYC that are available for you can be a great option rather than buying your exhibit. You will have a customized, smart-looking, well-designed display that is hassle-free for you and your entire team.

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