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Dr. Pandwe Gibson And Her Vision

There are a lot of businesses around the country with a focus on environmentally sustainable production and green technology. In the Miami area, Pandwe Gibson to those who followed her career, is a leader in this vision for a green economy.

For those who are not aware of the goals, Dr. Pandwe Gibson has for her company and foundation, getting a better idea of the big picture provides an insight into the value she brings to the city. As a true innovator, Dr. Gibson is not new to revolutionizing different aspects of operations, and she has a proven track record of success.

EcoTech Visions

In the past, Pandwe Gibson has been a leader in the educational sector. As a co-founder of ReNEW, the first Charter Management Organization in the southern United States, she brings a passion for learning and helping others.

Dr. Gibson is also an accomplished entrepreneur on her own and holds a Ph.D., M. Ed, MBA, M.A. as well as experience in both studying and teaching internationally. In the last few years, her focus has been on environmental issues and working with historically underserved communities.

This leads to the development of her latest project, EcoTech Visions. This is a small business incubator and maker space in the Green Corridor area of Miami. As a flagship enterprise in the area, EcoTech Visions offers entrepreneurs and small businesses using sustainable manufacturing or working in the green industry sector with the support, assistance, and space they need.

To date, EcoTech Visions has helped over 75 businesses in the community to grow and expand their green services. The facility also provides training through a digital boot camp, providing community members with the skills they need to find jobs in the IT sector.

With community events, sponsorship from top organizations, and a commitment to assisting companies to grow and innovate, EcoTech Visions is on the cutting edge of supporting the Green Corridor and the community.

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