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How Tactical Spring Assisted Knives Outperform the Competition

Tactical spring assisted knives are so easy to open that some jurisdictions have actually put restrictions on who can own and carry them. They generally take only one push of a button to withdraw the blade, which makes them far more convenient than an overwhelming majority of other folding knives. If you have ever found yourself in an unfortunate situation where you were forced to defend yourself, then you’d be able to use this kind of knife even if it wasn’t possible to use both hands.

Spring Knives vs. Other Folders

Perhaps the single most common type of jackknife is the ubiquitous slip joint knife. These knives don’t have any buttons or controls to release the blade. You simply grip and pull to open them. Once they’re in place, a joint slides into place and generally does a good job of keeping them open until you push the blade shut again.

As you probably know from experience, this takes a healthy amount of force to do. That’s why some people instead prefer friction folders, which have no real joint to hold them in place. Unfortunately, these can close on your hand while you’re using them.

Owners of tactical spring assisted knives don’t have to worry about either of these problems. They open the moment you push a control, which makes them the choice of those who carry a knife for self-defense reasons. Technicians and others who need a knife for EDC purposes won’t be disappointed either since this convenience extends to their needs as well.

Finding the Right Knife for Your Use Case

No matter the reason you carry a knife, there’s an option that suits your needs. Vendors have made any number of different styles of tactical spring 0assisted knives, so you can be sure there’s something that fits your requirements and hand size. Take a look at the selection over at Blade City by going to and you’ll be well on your way to adding another blade to your collection.

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