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The Case for Hiring a VA Attorney to Help You File and Win Your Case

Disability benefits available through the Veterans Administration are somewhat different than the benefits offered by the Social Security Administration. Both come from different governmental funds. VA benefits are intended only for current or former members of the military and in some cases their dependents or survivors.

When it’s time to apply for VA benefits for disabilities or illnesses such as blindness, pulmonary fibrosis, or lost limbs, the process can be confusing. By hiring a lawyer who specializes in veterans administration law, you could simplify the steps and win the court judgment you need to start receiving monthly payments.

Submitting the Right Documents

The VA court will require you to submit a host of documents to support your claim for benefits. This paperwork can range from your DD-214 to medical records substantiating your diagnosis of a military-related illness or injury.

While the application will tell you what documents to submit with it, you still may be confused about exactly what records are needed by the VA. You might submit outdated records or records that do not fully explain from what condition or injury you suffer. The court then would have no choice but to deny your application and throw out your case.

Your lawyer will know what paperwork to compile and submit with your application, however. With his or her assistance, you can get the right documents quickly and submit them to the court for review.

Making an Appeal

Many applicants are denied benefits the first time they appear in court. Judges expect you to file an appeal and prove your need for these funds.

Your lawyer can file an immediate appeal after your denial. You could get another court date in a matter of weeks and then win the decision you need to start receiving benefits.

You can find a VA benefits lawyer online. Your lawyer can immediately file your benefits application.

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