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Why is Titanium Hard to Mill?

Milling and cutting metals is a necessary process used to construct products and parts for many types of items used all over the globe. Titanium poses some difficulties in milling due to the actual hardness of the metal. Using tools designed to tackle titanium are critical to better-finished results.

The Strength of Titanium

Titanium is a metal used in many applications that depend on a material that can withstand greater amounts of stress than others. It means you are dealing with a material that will be tougher to mill than most. Not using the right equipment can cause frustration and failure in tools, with little or no results. You need to use titanium milling and cutter tools designed to handle the titanium milling process without losing time and money on your project.

Stress on Traditional Milling and Cutting Tools

If your milling and cutting tools aren’t coated with special materials or designed to deal with the toughness of titanium, you will end up with a project that takes longer than it should or offers poor results. Find sources of tools that can cut, grind, and drill titanium with ease. You can expand your business to include milling and cutting titanium for all types of industries.

Uneven Surface After Milling or Cutting

The chatter that comes with milling and cutting titanium with standard tools ends up guaranteeing an uneven surface when it’s complete if you’re able to handle the product at all. The finish will yield unprofessional results that customers will not be happy to see. Selecting the right titanium milling and cutter tools will give you better results that customers will value right away.

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