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Why Chafing Dish Fuel Gel is Outdated

Most people that use chafing dishes for buffet-style meals and catering jobs believe that their only options are wick-styles and chafing dish fuel gel, but these products are somewhat outdated. For one, they haven’t changed in decades, though some of the ingredients may be slightly safer than in the past. For another, they aren’t safe, healthy, or clean.

The Alternative

You can find cleaner burning fuels that come in a container similar to a spray can. However, the top doesn’t contain a sprayer and instead has a small opening. The fuel is inside, and you upend the can of fuel and press it into the appropriate small hole on your burner to add fuel. The best part is that this alternative method is safer. You don’t have to light a wick or light the entire can of gel, which means you reduce your risk of fire and injury.

This new fuel is a lot cleaner and doesn’t produce any toxic fumes, making it suitable for use indoors. While most gel and wick-fuel manufacturers claim that it is safe to use these products inside the house, studies have shown that they do contain toxic ingredients, which are burned and let into the atmosphere.

Newer, more modern burners also produce fewer carbon emissions, up to 75 percent less. Along with such, the burner itself doesn’t leave any smoke residue on the dishes, so you don’t have to worry about the presentation looking bad. The dishes look pristine and clean throughout the event.

These burners are designed to shut off if they overheat or get overturned, which means you don’t waste fuel and you don’t have to worry about fuel spills that can cause fire and damage. Along with such, they are easy to fill and don’t produce flames, making them more suitable than chafing dish fuel gel.

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