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Sidewalk Caulk Expansion Joint

Sidewalks have expansion joints that allow them to expand and contract a little bit when the weather changes. Rain, ice and snow allow water to seep into the porous concrete. The water causes a slight expansion of the concrete. If there were no expansion joint in the concrete, this would push the sections of sidewalk out of their ideal places. A lack of an expansion joint could also cause the concrete to crack, lift or buckle. These issues are expensive to repair.

When concrete sidewalks have expansion joints, it is a good idea to keep the joints caulked. The caulking at the top of the joint reduces water infiltration between sidewalk sections. After some exposure to the sunlight, wind, rain, humidity and extreme temperatures, the caulk could start to dry out and become brittle. A caulk strip that is brittle may crack. Cracked caulk can no longer serve the purpose of sealing water out of the concrete.

Once every one to three years, it is a good idea to arrange for sidewalk caulk expansion joint repairs. The removal of the old caulk and placement of new caulk is a straightforward repair. It preserves the durability of the sidewalk. It also prevents weeds from growing between the sections of concrete. Putting new caulk between the sections may enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire sidewalk.

When your sidewalks need repair, we are the right choice. Our sidewalk caulk expansion joints preserve the strength and structural integrity of your sidewalks. With our prompt repairs, you may be able to prolong the lifespan of the sidewalk and lower your property maintenance costs. These repairs are less costly than having to prematurely replace one or more of the sections of your sidewalk. For more information, give us a call today or visit us online.

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