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Why Do Wood Fired Pizzas Taste Better?

It may seem like it’s difficult to get people to agree on much, especially nowadays, but one thing true pizza lovers can all agree on is wood fired pizzas simply taste better every time. Why is that the case, though? It’s good, old-fashioned science, plain and simple.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a couple of moments to go a little more in-depth about the science behind the delicious taste of wood fired pizzas.

The Need for Speed

One of the best things about cooking pizzas in a wood fired pizza oven is the fact they are able to cook at significantly faster speeds than conventional ovens. This is due to the fact the temperatures in a wood fired oven can reach anywhere from 570 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, the construction of the oven allows for it to spread the heat evenly across the entire pizza, which means not only does it cook more quickly in general, but it also cooks evenly at the same time, which doesn’t sacrifice quality for speed in the process.

A Better Crust Every Time

One of the other great benefits to making pizza in a wood fired pizza oven is the fact the moisture in the dough ends up being sealed off, which makes for a delicious crust that is thinner and more flavorful than a traditional pizza crust.

Overall, the use of a wood fired oven helps create a uniquely flavorful pizza experience that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else, which is why pizza lovers around the world continue to seek it out.

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