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3 Tips for Selecting Flower Arrangements for Funerals

Someone you love has passed away. One of the ways you display kindness and sympathy for the immediate family is to order an arrangement that will be delivered to the funeral home. What sort of arrangement will work best? There are several options for to consider. Here are some suggestions that will help.

Your Loved One’s Favorite Cut Flowers

One approach to funeral arrangements in Palm Beach FL is to order something that includes the deceased’s favorite flowers. You can go with a wreath, a basket, or even a nice vase with some greenery to highlight the blooms. Depending on the preferences of the family, you will want to go with something that’s on a stand or stick with an arrangement that can be placed on a table and later taken home by the immediate relatives.

Something That’s In Season

Depending on the time of year, there may be dozens of flowers that are in season. A beautiful arrangement that makes use of those blooms is a great idea. These can also be arranged into a wreath or some other form that is attached to a stand. This would allow the arrangement to grace the grave for a time. If you think the family would appreciate something to take home, go with an arrangement in a basket or vase.

Go With a Living Arrangement

Have you given some thought to living funeral arrangements in Palm Beach FL? A green plant accented with a few elements may be in order. You can also go with potted plants that are in bloom right now. The immediate family could take either arrangement home and use them inside or plant them in a garden as a memorial to their loved one.

If you’re not sure what sort of arrangement would be best, talk with a professional. It won’t take long to come up with a solution that demonstrates sympathy, honors the deceased, and is a little more creative than the usual pot of mums or tulip arrangement.

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