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Asbestos Report: What Is Included

Before you can get your asbestos report, you need to hire an assessor to inspect the property for the toxic substance. An inspector comes to your location and looks for signs of asbestos, but they also take samples for testing. Sometimes, they can test onsite and sometimes it’s better if they take the entire item as a sample to ensure worker safety. The problem with asbestos is that it isn’t necessarily dangerous until it is moved or touched and the debris and toxins get into the air. Therefore, the inspector will choose the most appropriate way to test the substance.

After the test and survey, you will receive your asbestos report, which tells you if asbestos was present, in what areas, and in what materials. Then, you will focus on monitoring the air where the asbestos-laden products are to ensure that they don’t reach dangerous levels. The ultimate goal is to replace the asbestos material with other options, but that can take time. In the meantime, it is essential that you protect your employees so that they don’t breathe it in and cause severe upper respiratory infections and diseases.

At Safety & Environmental Services Australia, they understand how important it is to keep dangerous toxins out of the workplace. You may work around dangerous chemicals, but asbestos should not be present in your building. Therefore, they can send out occupational hygienists and consultants to help you test for such things and prepare your asbestos report, which is required through the Expert Witness Code of Conduct. They can prepare the report for you. The reports contain information about any asbestos contamination and any potential exposures on your premises. They can also help you determine what to do and how to manage the asbestos until it can be removed safely and replaced with alternative materials.

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