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5 LED Retrofit Buying Tips You Should Know

LED lighting can do a lot to get your lighting system up-to-date and to give your setup the upgrade it needs to make it work much more efficient. If you are shopping for LED retrofit products, though, here are a few tips to help you.

Know what you need

Pinpoint what the weaknesses of your current system are. You may want to consult with an electrician to help you out. That should give you an idea of what kind of retrofit kits will work well with your system. This should include details like how warm or cool do you want your lighting to be, what’s the wattage, and which fixtures may require special lighting products, the Family Handyman says.

Find a reputable shop

Don’t get too caught up in the excitement of getting LED lighting add-ons that you just shop for LED retrofit products from anywhere. Start your search by checking out which stores online have an excellent reputation in the field. That may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many people still skip this step.

Check out the inventory

What kind of options are available? Does the shop carry a range of products extensive enough to provide you with plenty of choices? Factor that in when you check out stores for retrofit kits.

Read the return policy

It’s always smart to find out what you’re dealing with. In case the retailer sends you the wrong item, what can you do? Be sure to go over the returns policy. Some only allow a certain window for disputes and claims. If you miss that, you’ll be stuck with the wrong product.

Look beyond the price

Don’t go for cheap options. They’re less likely to provide you with the performance you want. If it seems too cheap, then it’s probably not the right fit for you. Look elsewhere.

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