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Window Cleaning Poles: Why They’re Needed

If you’re a window cleaner, you probably focus on new ways to improve your skills and work faster. When you clean windows faster, you can clean more of them throughout the day, which means taking on new clients and keeping everyone satisfied. While most professionals use squeegees, you may find that window cleaning poles give you a better option. Some professionals stick to the bucket and squeegee, but the pole system method can achieve better results. You can reach higher places without a ladder, which is safer, which means customers aren’t worried that you’ll fall and get hurt on their property.

Window cleaning poles do offer better results because there is a constant flow of fresh water that flows to the brush. Traditional methods allow dirty water to settle; you dip into that dirty water to clean the rest of the window. While some people constantly stop to refill the bucket with clean water, it takes more time to do so. With the pole system, you always have clean water going on the windows. Plus, with the pole system, window frames are also cleaned at the same time, which saves a step and gives you a more polished result.

At WWWCS, they know that window cleaners want to provide the best service. While most people don’t think about it, they know that being eco-friendly can be positive when customers search for you. With window cleaning poles, you can advertise as eco-friendly because you don’t have to use soap or detergent. You just have that constant stream of clean water, which means you provide a complete clean without using harsh soaps. Deionised water is also used, which means there are fewer chemicals used and the glass remains cleaner for longer. While this can seem like a drawback, customers will love that you think of them while being nice to the planet.

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