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Why SIP Trunking Beats Out ISDN

Having well-managed telephone lines is a must for any reasons. You need access to a communication method to keep running, but that doesn’t mean any phone service is just as good as the next. While many people are wary about change, increasing numbers of organizations are switching from integrated services digital network (ISDN) and moving to SIP trunking. Have you ever wondered if it might be the right option for you?

What SIP Trunking Involves

SIP trunking is a more modern technology than ISDN. It is an application layer protocol based on IP which allows your business to have data and voice on a single channel. SIP trunking can be used with existing infrastructure through the use of an IP gateway or it can be added to an existing IP PBX. While ISDN uses a traditional telephone network to offer voice and data, SIP trunking utilizes the Internet and a single pipeline.

Why Business IP Trunking is the Right Choice

There are advantages and disadvantages to both ISDN and SIP, but the truth is that business SIP trunking usually wins the comparison war. The technology is decidedly more modern, but it can also save businesses money in terms of installation and maintenance. It’s also a virtual product, which means there is no need to deal with special equipment for it to be used. That’s something that ISDN simply can’t promise.

Time to Make the Change

Most businesses don’t need to purchase any hardware to move over to SIP trunking services. Your existing PBX likely supports it after it is configured for the first time. There are essentially no maintenance costs and you can save every year after switching. In addition, the product can be purchased on a line-by-line basis, so you only need to pay for extra lines when they are actually going to be used. Depending on your business needs, you could see yourself saving massive amounts of money by changing your system to SIP.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits you may not be aware of include the ability to make international calls for free, and the ultimate scalability of the technology. You also have the option of enabling other services to streamline your communication system as a whole.

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