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4 Walk-in Cooler Panel Materials

There are not too many people who get to see what your walk-in cooler looks like on the outside, much less what it looks like on the inside. How well you care for it matters. For the panels of your cooler, you have a few material options. If you need some guidance for Walk In Cooler Panels California, professionals are available to help.

Here are four material options to consider for your walk-in cooler panels.

Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal for your walk-in cooler panels is available in a variety of gauges. A standard size exists, but if you require something different, many distributors have the capability to work with your needs. The metal is available in embossed stucco or smooth, too.

Baked White Epoxy

A galvanized steel that is finished off with a baked white finish. It is sold with an embossed stucco. The baked white epoxy material is highly recommended for projects that require approval from the USDA. This panel material has already run through a series of tests, so you can rest assured that it will not run into any issues in terms of regulations.


Plastol is a material that is known to withstand the conditions that walk-in cooler panels are going to experience. The panels get washed down and often reside in wet environments. Plastol can handle the wash downs as well as any harsh chemicals that may be used in the process. It is less likely to corrode and less likely to fade.


Fiberglass is a favorite material for walk-in cooler panels. It is not known to corrode, easily. It is able to handle collisions and not likely to encourage the growth of bacteria.

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