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Why is Cleaning Your Carpets Regularly So Important?

Most people dislike the way their carpets look when they’re dirty, but did you know that a dirty carpet can actually be bad for your health? It’s true; your carpet can hang onto some really nasty stuff, which is why cleaning it regularly is so important.

Here’s a little more about what might be hiding in your dirty carpets – and how to get rid of it the right way:

Dirt, Germs, Mites, and More – Oh, My!

Your carpets are loaded with tiny particulate matter that you can’t see. Even if you vacuumed them daily, they would still house many of these tiny particles – it’s simply the nature of the material. However, the buildup of these particles that comes from improper or inadequate cleaning can lead to much bigger problems.

Not only can these particles cause the carpet fibers themselves to break down over time, but they also attract and sustain bacteria and dust mites, among other nasty critters. If you have pets, your carpet can also be home to fleas and other pests, making it one place that needs regular cleaning – even if everything else gets missed for a few days!

Keep your carpets cleaner with regular, slow and steady vacuuming, and emptying the vacuum bag or container each time you use the machine. Steam clean your carpets weekly or several times a month as needed to kill germs and keep them looking and feeling fresh.

Go with a Pro

Did you know that there is a minimum number of times you should have your carpets professionally cleaned each year? Regardless of how well you vacuum and care for your carpets yourself, experts recommend calling a professional cleaner in once a year at least to get things really clean.

Professional equipment penetrates carpet fibers in a way that the average consumer’s vacuums and carpet cleaning materials simply can’t, giving your home a fresher feeling and a cleaner bill of health.

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