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Nailed It: How to Find the Best Nail Salon

Our hands are an essential part of everyday life, but for those who like well-kept nails, the constant dishes, hand washing, or everyday mishaps represent a serious threat to those long, neat nails. Fortunately, a good nail salon is only a phone call away, but what should you look for when booking that appointment? Nail infections and injuries are very real incidents that can happen at sub-par salons, so best to save your money and your health and find the right salon in the first place.

Check Out Their Website

It’s rare that businesses these days don’t have websites or online presences. Checking out a salon’s website can give you an idea of their prices, the level of expertise their artists have, and information about their procedures. You can also check out the artists’ work and see if their style and skill sets are something you’re interested in. Websites also allow you to shop around for the best nail salon, suiting your style and budget without having too many trials and errors.

Look for Licenses

Nail technicians are incredibly skilled artisans, and with that skill level comes specific health requirements. Sanitary conditions, tools, and practices are requirements by law, and nail techs complete formal training to receive their licensing. An artisan’s license should be readily available for your review, whether it’s posted on the wall of the salon or online.

Ask for Care Tips

Once you find the perfect salon and get that beautiful manicure, ask the experts for advice on maintaining your manicure. No one knows how to keep nails healthy and happy than those who work with them on a daily basis. They may even be able to recommend products you can purchase in the salon without the need to make another trip into a beauty supply store. The right salon will offer you advice when you ask for it.

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