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Schedule a Fire Alarm Test Once or Twice a Year

Companies such as Elite Fire Services Inc. can help you stay compliant with your fire safety requirements. By using this type of service company, you can ensure the safety of your workplace. By scheduling regular assessments, you can stay on top of any repair issues before they unfold into bigger problems.

Review the Full Line of Services

When you contact a fire safety company for a fire alarm test, make sure that you review its other inspection services. Some of the sectors that use this type of assistance include medical and hospital facilities, auto body shops, restaurants, and commercial companies. The tests and services also extend to government sites, hotels, general contractors, daycares, school, and care residences.

Making sure that your facility’s alarms and fire suppression systems are working will increase the confidence of the occupants and give you added peace of mind. Therefore, any fire alarm test or related assessment should never wait. Make sure that your site is regularly inspected.

Inspection, testing, and maintenance services are offered for fire suppression systems in restaurants as well as suppression systems that spray dry chemicals. Both inspections and testing are conducted twice a year for these installations.

When to Test Fire Extinguishers

Besides a fire alarm test, you also want to test your fire extinguishers annually. Maintain the equipment as well six years after the date of manufacture. A 12-year hydrotest is required for the equipment based on the manufacturing date.

Some fire protection hardware requires testing every five years. For example dry stand pipes and wet stand pipes follow this schedule. Fire hydrants need to be inspected and tested annually. When scheduling any of these tests, take an audit of the fire equipment and hardware on your premises. Make sure that you log in the times that the systems and fire protection are evaluated and tested.

Do you need to schedule an inspection or a test? If so, contact a local company that offers a full line of inspection, testing, and maintenance services. Make sure that you are complying with the current fire code and that the occupants in your building are protected in case of a fire. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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