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Choosing the Right Personal Emergency Alarm

If you want one of the most convenient and cost-effective forms of protection, a personal emergency alarm is a good option to consider. You can set off the alarm when you see danger approaching, and it is very loud and scares off most people and animals. However, there are several types of alarms you can buy and here are some choices to think about.

Push Button

Some alarms activate by pushing a button. You then need to push another button to deactivate the alarm. These devices are handy and convenient. They are small enough to keep with you or place in a purse or pocket. However, if the device is in your pocket, the activating button can get accidentally pushed, setting off a false alarm.

Pull the Pin

Some devices work by pulling out a pin. The best personal emergency alarm devices have handles with built-in pins. You only need to remove the pin to activate an extremely loud alarm. These devices are not easily accidentally activated like push button devices. They are portable and compact.

Some pin activated alarms have other uses too. For example, they have handles at each end so you can use them as tripwire alarms. You only need to connect wires or cords to each end.

Where Do You Plan to Use Your Alarm?

Do you need protection in large urban areas or on public transit systems? If so, consider a standard alarm with not a lot of extras, because you do not really need them.

Do you plan on a lot of outdoor activities? Maybe you like camping or hiking. You should think about buying a very loud personal emergency alarm (130 db) made for outdoor use.

If you need emergency response protection, check into GPS alarms. They offer 24/7 monitoring and excellent emergency response features.

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