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How To Maintain an Excellent Lawn at Home

Maintaining an excellent lawn at home is backbreaking work. Obtaining the help of a qualified lawn service in Alpharetta helps reduce the difficulty in keeping your lawn healthy and you have the added benefit of having experts look over the state of your lawn and tell you how it’s doing.

A lawn service in Alpharetta can perform the following lawn maintenance tasks to keep the front of your home lusciously healthy and green:


Maintaining greenery involves proper watering as much as mowing. A qualified lawn service knows how much water the soil needs to attain the moisture level necessary to maintain a healthy lawn. If your lawn is suffering from brown grass, there’s something amiss, most likely a watering issue, and this needs to be addressed in a timely manner.


Mowing doesn’t just help keep your lawn look less cluttered. Reducing the volume of the grass reduces the workload of the grass’ root system, allowing the plants to be more expansive, rather than just clumping together randomly in a few patches. Grasses meant for the cooler seasons must ideally be kept to around three inches.

Fertilizer Application

A lawn service in Alpharetta knows how to apply the right type of fertilizer to your grass to keep it healthy year-round. Regular maintenance of grass increases the nutrient uptake and subsequently, the nutrient requirements of grass. Normally, the soil can provide these nutrients, but any signs of browning or yellowing might mean your lawn needs fertilizer to sustain its look.


Proper aeration of the soil loosens the compacted earth and allows oxygen to reach the root systems of the grass more adequately. This leads to better grass expansions, lower chances of browning and a healthier lawn overall.

Curious how a lawn service in Alpharetta can make your lawn look magnificent year-round? Visit Absolute Lawn Pros today.

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