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New or Used RVs and the Motorhome Extended Warranty

If you’re in the market for an RV, you may need help considering whether to buy new or used and if a motorhome extended warranty is necessary. Read on to find out what the best option is for you.

Used RVs

Used RVs are definitely more affordable than new ones. However, you may end up spending more time and money on repairs and maintenance costs. If you’re considering buying a used RV, look for newer used models as opposed to dated ones. You can get the best value for your money if you look for an RV that is only one or two years old. A motorhome extended warranty is also a good investment when purchasing a used RV. Although you will still be responsible for routine maintenance and normal wear and tear, an extended warranty can save you a lot of money on unexpected repairs.

New RVs

If you have the extra money to spend and want to purchase an RV with the latest technology and appliances, you should consider buying new. You may think a motorhome extended warranty isn’t necessary when you purchase a new RV, but think again. Make sure the extended warranty covers appliances in addition to unexpected repairs. Refrigerators, generators and air conditioners are high ticket items that should be included as well. This ensures your new RV is covered, inside and out.

Whether you choose to buy a new or used RV, a motorhome extended warranty is always a good choice. Visit the Good Sam Extended Service Plan website today.

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