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The Importance of Kinase Activity Assays

There are many different options for kinase activity assays, but not assay is created equal. If you are looking to make your research  simple and straightforward, you may be interested in a kinase assay kit, which is made in a easy to use mix and read format. Essentially, this is known as the most direct method for properly measuring the ADP that forms during a given kinase reaction. The use of the kinase assay has been around for years and you have the confidence that they have led to many lead discoveries having been used in millions of wells.

Ideal for Your Plate Reader

The biochemical assay kits available come in many formats, including FI, TR-FRET, and FP. This means that no matter what plate reader you use, you can expect the best possible outcome. It can take copious amounts of time for someone to build a single assay for a member within an enzyme family. When using a set of reagents to detect ADP, with  kinase assay kit, that problem is largely solved.

Features of Kinase Activity Assays

You may not know the many features and benefits these assays offer, but it’s crucial to understand. If you are considering using a kinase assay, here is what you can expect:

*     Available to use with a concentration of ATP from 0.1 all the way up to 1000 µM

*     Safe assay method with no radioactivity

*     Abiochemical assay that is simple and homogenous

    Minimized interference from light scattering and fluorescent compounds due to far-red tracers

    No need for extra tedious coupling steps due to direct detection of ADP

*     Robust and sensitive detection of ADP which uses far less enzyme, leading to a significant cost reduction

*     Ready for use in 96, 384, or 1536 well formats

*     Ability to choose between Time-Resolved Forster-Resonance-Energy Transfer, Fluorescent Polarization, and Fluorescent Intensity formats

Bellbrook Labs Products

Kinase activity assays from Bellbrook Labs offers numerous detection modes and have been built and tested with major suppliers of plate readers to ensure the software settings and hardware are compatible. No matter which detection mode or reader you prefer to use in your work, you will get the same great results from the reagents. To learn more about our products, you can visit our website at

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