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The Variety of Items That Can Be Purchased or Brought in for Custom Engraving in Oahu

Custom engraving in Oahu can be done with items ordered from the engraving service or by bringing or sending items to the shop. Sometimes, one object only is intended to be etched, such as an award plaque for an employee of the year, a watch for retirement, or a silver tray for a wedding anniversary. In other cases, a business wants to have service for many items at once, such as new nameplates for dozens of employees.

Companies providing custom engraving in Oahu may require a small extra fee for items brought or sent in instead of purchased at the store. It may depend on the type of business doing the engraving as well as the number of items to be etched. If a business plans to place a large order, the shop may disregard any usual additional fee requirements.

The Length of the Engraving

The length of the etching can be as short as one letter or number or can be a word, a phrase, or convey a message. Monograms as gifts to employees can be engraved and so can glass objects for awards and appreciation to individuals and teams. If an employer wants to set up a fun event with some competition, engraving for the trophy can be done without personalization for the winner. Instead, it might have the name of the organization along with a message like, “First Place Winner in 2018 Bowling Tournament.”

Common Restrictions

Companies may have a policy restricting the types of items they will work on. A common restriction is not engraving antiques or very expensive jewelry purchased elsewhere. They do not want to be held responsible if the engraving in any way is later considered to reduce the value of the object.

Specific Categories

Some organizations focus specifically on certain categories of objects. For example, companies like Business Name focus on office supplies and items for workers. Common examples of those orders include nameplates, plaques, desk sets, small signs, and ID tags. They can do the project with standard layouts or with a customized order. Visit us to learn more.

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