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Is Solar Battery Backup Worth It?

These days, solar battery backup in NJ are in high demand because of its promise to help homeowner’s become energy self-sufficient. Moreover, batteries help them to have backup power when blackouts happen.

Many homeowners who call in about getting a New Jersey solar installation would often ask about solar battery backup. They would often ask if it is worth it to include batteries in their solar panel systems. If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering the same thing.

In the past years, the prices of battery storage systems are coming down quickly. Many homeowners are choosing to install solar battery storage, which has dramatically increased compared to how it was only a couple of years ago.

How Does a Solar Battery Backup Work?

When the power goes out, your solar battery backup also loses power. It happens even though the sun is out and there should be solar power produced. The reason for this is safety. For the solar inverter to work, it needs to see power from both the panels and the grid.

The reason for this is that the solar produces and sends power back to the grid during a power outage. If the battery works, there will be power activity in the line, and the lineman is fixing the utility pole could get electrocuted.

Most of the storage battery systems can provide backup power for homes at around 72 hours without solar power. If there is sun shining, you can expect the batteries to last even longer. However, solar batteries are quite expensive.

The solar battery backup in NJ will usually cost around $20,000. It’s the type of solar battery enough for the whole house.

Is it Worth It for You to Install a Battery Storage?

The solar battery backup systems are great. It has dramatically evolved from the overvalued car batteries and has now improved to become the sleek Lithium-ion products. The Lithium batteries are becoming the most popular storage used for residential applications.

Today, emerging products are around 80% made or a kind of lithium variation. Most of the top quality Lithium batteries have an about 10-year warranty. This type of storage battery is what’s referred to as solar battery backup NJ. Solar energy has a positive impact on the environment, and that’s one of the reasons for the popularity of using solar power.

If you can see the value in the battery’s off-grid reliability, then it is an excellent option for you. If you choose solar battery backup, it’s great to know there are reliable providers of New Jersey solar installation in the city.

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