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Finding A Company For Video Closed Captioning Services

When you are planning to produce a video, it is important to consider the fact that people who are hearing-impaired may need to or want to see your video. The audio portion of your video would not be heard by people who are hearing-impaired, which is why we offer video closed captioning services. Our closed captioning services make it possible for a person with a hearing impairment to read the words that are being said by the actors or people in your video. This allows the viewer to make the most of your information.

Our closed captioning services are done with accuracy and precision. We have our reviewers edit the text in order to ensure that there are not any typos, misspellings or errors in the wording. This helps avoid confusion on the part of the viewer who is reading the closed captioning. Our services also include stating who is saying which words. This is important when there is a conversation between two or more individuals in your video.

Using closed captioning in your videos makes for a more inclusive experience for a wider audience. We offer these services for a variety of video types. If you need to have closed captioning for employee training purposes, our expert staff can do that. We can also do closed captioning for a commercial, a tutorial video or an independent film. We take on projects that range from short videos that span just a few minutes to long videos of more than 90 minutes. You can count on us to deliver the work on time and within your required budget.

When you are in need of video closed captioning services, let our associates at ChromaVision be your first choice for our professional work. Contact us by phone or visit us online at Like us on our facebook page.

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