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Get Quality fire alarms at affordable prices

First Alert, Inc. believes that any building could benefit from having a wireless interconnected smoke detector installed in it. We produce a variety of products that will keep your home safe by alerting you to smoke and giving you the time to react to a fire. We use premium parts that lead to outstanding products.

Our goal is to make the world a safer place by producing quality fire alarms that are affordable. First Alert, Inc. has been producing trusted fire alarms since 1958, and we’re committed to being leaders in innovation and reliability. Our technicians will make sure that your new fire alarm is properly installed, and you’ll be trained on how to operate it.

Our OneLink 3-in-1 products allow you to have complete voice control over your smart home. Alexa comes built in, and you’ll be able to play music, dim lights, or unlock the front door. The high-quality speakers will make sure that you understand everything that it says back to you. If the unit detects smoke, it will tell you exactly where it is. Having a wireless interconnected smoke detector that is customized to your needs can improve the overall functionality and safety of your property.

Your wireless interconnected smoke detector will come with a 5- or 10-year limited warranty. We stand behind our products and want our customers to have complete peace of mind when installing them in their homes. We’ll address any issues immediately and take the time to offer exceptional customer support at all times.

When you’re prepared to get a new fire alarm for your home, we want to be the company you turn to for exceptional options. To find out more about the various fire alarms we make, give First Alert, Inc. a call today and speak with one of our friendly team members.

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